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A Clean Chill
My task for this evening was to clean the fridge in the first floor apartment.  The baking soda I'd put in the fridge and freezer my first day working on the house had long since abated the noxious odor that had attacked us when we first viewed the property.  Now it was time to complete its transformation from scary to functional. 

I hadn't initially considered this a full fledged "project", certainly not something blog worthy.  I hadn't equated cleaning with being "handy".  (Alas, because of this, I took no "before"* pictures.)  However, once the soy sauce packets were thrown out, and I began to wipe away the stale rice and layers of of a dark sticky substance, the origins of which are best not known, I realized that the extent of the transformation needed to be shared and appreciated.

So behold my shiny triumph!!

My husband, upon viewing the rebirth of the appliance of chill, said "So, you just bought a new fridge then?"

*I promise, I don't always use this many quotation marks.

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It's beautiful! Good job!

Oh MY GOODNESS!!! Though really, the "before" pictures are probably best left as a faded memory.

I'm so glad we have a "new" fridge! That is amazing! I am filled with glee!

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